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Most Overrated Trucks of 2022

6 minute read

By John Warbuck

Key Takeaways

  • Ride quality, handling and interior comfort can be more valuable than towing ability and payload.
  • Trucks that come with nice base equipment packages offer more value.
  • Be careful when customizing trucks because additional equipment gets expensive quickly.
  • When comparing features on trucks, compare trucks in the same weight class to see which provides more value.

The pickup truck market is extremely competitive, and all the major brands are racing to dethrone Ford from its position as the dominant truck manufacturer in America. The best truck offers a balance of comfort and luxury with solid performance and dependability. This guide reviews eleven trucks that aren’t worth the hype they received when they first hit the market.

Where These Trucks Fall Short

When considering which truck is best, performance is often the biggest factor for most pickup truck buyers. Not everyone needs to haul over 30,000 pounds, but everyone in the market for a pickup truck cares about ride quality, safety features and comfort. While the trucks on our list offer many impressive features, they fall behind the industry leaders where it matters most.

Problems people have reported with these trucks include poor handling, difficulty when taking hills and interiors that don’t offer enough space for them and their passengers.


Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 continues to trail behind rivals such as the F-150 and Ram 1500. It comes with a base MSRP of $34,600, but you need to pay much more if you want to take advantage of its true potential. Its 13,300 pounds of towing capacity is impressive, but rivals offer similar capability for less money.

To make things worse, there are considerable performance concerns. People report that the Silverado doesn’t handle very well and going up an incline with a trailer can stress the engine and suspension. Competitors also offer more attractive and comfortable interiors.

Source: Chevrolet

Toyota Tundra

This year was supposed to be a great year for the Tundra. Unfortunately, the redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra didn’t live up to expectations. It starts at $35,950 and upgrades are expensive.

The new engine is more fuel-efficient and powerful than the old V8, but it doesn’t quite keep up with its rivals. It also has one of the highest price points in the pack if you’re looking to max its towing and payload. Finally, it only gets up to 23 mpg on the highway, and other trucks have it beat there, too.

Source: Toyota

Nissan Titan

The 2022 Nissan Titan starts at $38,810 with one of the higher starting MSRPs on the market. While it has a quiet and spacious interior, it isn’t as capable as it is luxurious. It’s also plagued by an infotainment system that frustrates its owners and poor fuel economy.

With a towing capacity of only 9,320 pounds, it’s outperformed by numerous rivals. It only gets 21 mpg on the highway, and the base equipment package isn’t enough to justify $38,000. Car and Driver ranked the Titan in last place for trucks in 2022.

Source: Nissan

Toyota Tacoma

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is another pickup truck that lacks the performance to match its suite of luxury amenities. It has an excellent infotainment system, a quiet cabin and a ton of equipment for a base MSRP of $27,150. It doesn’t save you anything at the pump, however, with 22 mpg on the highway, and people report that it performs poorly off-road.

Competitors easily outclass the Tacoma in towing and payload, and the interior feels cramped. If you’re looking for a workhorse, you might need to look somewhere else.

Source: Toyota

GMC Sierra 2500 HD

The GMC Sierra 2500 HD is incredibly capable, with a max tow rating of 18,500 pounds for the 2500 and over 30,000 pounds with the upgraded 3500 HD. You need to pay through the nose, however, with a base MSRP of $40,200. Expect to pay at least $70,000 for the maximum hauling and towing capacity.

Drivers report that the Sierra HD 2500 has horrible ride quality, handles poorly and comes with small mirrors that make it difficult to see. Rivals have sleeker or more muscular bodies than the Sierra, as well.

Source: GMC

Ford F-150 Raptor

For what you’d spend on a new 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor, you could get a much more capable F-150. It has a base MSRP of $76,775 and doesn’t add much value to justify the price tag. It’s a great off-road truck and comes with an amazing infotainment system, spacious interior and retro appearance, but you sacrifice on-road ride quality and capability.

The base towing capacity of 8,200 pounds doesn’t come close to what you could get with an F-150, and the F-150 can be upgraded and customized with many of the same features.

Source: Ford

GMC Canyon

The 2022 GMC Canyon has many strong points. With a base MSRP of just $27,500, it’s one of the more affordable pickup trucks on the market. It has competitive fuel economy, an intuitive infotainment system and an impressive suite of driver-assistive technologies. It also boasts a towing capacity of up to 7,000 pounds, which is decent for its weight class.

Where it falls short is in the interior. There’s limited space for you and your passengers, and many people report the ride is extremely uncomfortable due to these space constraints.

Source: GMC

Chevrolet Colorado

The 2022 Chevrolet Colorado has a starting MSRP of just $25,200 but you need to pay more for its best features. It offers decent fuel economy, boasts up to 7,000 in towing capacity and has a powerful engine. It suffers from the same setbacks as the GMC Canyon, however, with very limited interior space.

To make matters worse, it has poor handling and worse ride quality than the Canyon. Drivers complain that the cabin is loud as well.

Source: Chevrolet

Honda Ridgeline

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline has a quiet, spacious and luxurious interior and comes equipped with the most extensive suite of driver safety features available. It also has one of the best suspensions on the market, dampening the impact of any bump in the road. These features would make it a great truck if it weren’t for its poor handling, high base MSRP of $38,140 and limited towing and hauling capability.

The Honda Ridgeline isn’t nearly as capable as its rivals, the infotainment system is difficult to use without training and its fuel economy isn’t anything to write home about.

Source: Honda

Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 is powerful, dependable and completely customizable. It has a base MSRP of $44,560 but expect to pay a lot more for it. If you choose an upgraded engine and the crew cab, for example, you may pay over $92,850. The sheer number of trims, cab configurations and optional packages make it easy for your spending to get away from you.

Most people don’t even need the amount of towing capacity and payload that the F-350 can provide. Unless you’re buying a truck for a business, it’s more economical to look at the F-150.

Source: Ford

GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

The only thing special about the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is the price tag. It starts at $62,800 and doesn’t offer the towing and payload capacity its rivals do for a portion of the price. It’s a great option if you’re looking for extra headspace, luxurious interior materials and a quiet ride.

The grim reality though is that you’re overpaying for this truck. Its infotainment system, fuel economy and ride quality are on par with trucks like the F-150 and Ram 1500.

Source: GMC

John Warbuck


John Warbuck is a seasoned freelancer and ghostwriter who has covered a variety of topics throughout the years. When he is not at his keyboard, he can be found at the gym, mastering new recipes, learning more about the universe, or teaching his Australian Shepherd math problems.



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