Top Cadillacs of the Year

Cadillac: the name alone makes people think of luxury cars, and that’s exactly what the brand was designed to do. Cadillacs are made by General Motors, but the company has carefully separated the brand from its main line of cars to build it up as a luxury line of automobiles. The brand is one of the oldest in the world, and it’s still going strong. This year, the Cadillac lineup is quite impressive, with many people falling in love with the 2017 models. Here are several of this year’s Cadillacs that are considered the best of the best.


The Cadillac CTS was named the 2017 best luxury midsize car for families by US News & World Report. It’s perfect for the parents who want the luxury car feel, but still need space for the kids. The CTS provides that luxurious atmosphere while still including a good amount of room and a high safety rating. It can seat five, handles well, and includes a number of high tech features, especially if you have it completely kitted out with all of the premium options. The 2017 version features some small changes to the exterior and a revamped trim, plus Cadillac added some new tech features and driver assistance.

The CT6

Looking for true luxury? Then you need to check out the CT6, Cadillac’s luxury sedan. It’s considered the top trim level thanks to all of the perks and features. In fact, Cadillac has made sure everyone gets to revel in the luxury. While driving the CT6 is amazing, riding in the vehicle is also great. Even those in the backseat will have plenty of extras to enjoy, something that not all luxury cars provide.


While it’s only a year old, the CT6 has certainly made a name for itself. Its Platinum trim model is more than just a gorgeous vehicle. It features a 3.0 liter twin turbo V6 that supplies 404 HP. You can hit 60 mph within five seconds with that. With its lighter frame, firm suspension, and its maneuverability, you’ll find that the CT6 handles somewhat more like a sport model than a luxury one, especially if you engage its drive mode.

The CTS V-Sport

Want something that’s really designed to be a sports car instead of a luxury car with some sporty features? Then you want the CTS V-Sport. This model was introduced a few years ago, and the 2017 model was designed to rival the Audi A6 and the BMW 5-Series. The base CTS is available in four different options–the 2.0T, the 3.6, the 3.6TT/V-Sport, and the CTS-V. While the V-Sport isn’t the top option here, it’s definitely nothing to sneeze at. Its twin turbocharged engine offers 420 horsepower and can hit 60 mph in under five seconds. Not bad for a four-door car.

The fourth edition of the V-Sport features a redesigned fascia on the front and back plus a new wheel design. The trim has been streamlined a bit and a few new pieces of equipment added, including a backup camera installed in the mirror. Two brand new colors are available this year as well: Silver Moon and Bronze Dune.

These three 2017 Cadillacs are at the top of the list for many drivers, but they’re not the only great vehicles released this year. Explore the world of Cadillac and see what makes this luxury automaker such a standout. From sedans to SUVs, Cadillac offer options for every type of driver and every kind of lifestyle.