The Best Deals on 2018 Luxury Cars You Can Get This April

If you’re set on purchasing a luxury car, it’s a given that you’re going to spend a huge amount of money on your next new car. Though luxury cars come with a high price tag, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be looking for deals. Like any other kind of car, manufacturers offer special deals on luxury cars that can help you score a new vehicle for far less.

Most car buyers don’t realize that there are always some good offers and incentives to be found on the newest luxury vehicles – but only if you’re willing to look for them. We’ve done a bit of the hard work for you: here are some of the best luxury car deals you can get this month:

2018 Cadillac CT6

The 2018 Cadillac CT6, with a starting MSRP of $54,095, is a high-end luxury car by any measure. Through April 30th, buyers can choose between a special financing or cash back offer on a new CT6. Both of these options are available nationwide. The financing option offers 0 percent APR for 60 months, while the cash back option offers an immediate rebate of $6,000 off of purchase price. Both of these deals offer a substantial advantage to buyers. By choosing the 60-month 0 percent financing, you can get a lower monthly payment, thereby improving your monthly cash flow. If you opt for the $6,000 cash back, you can reduce the amount you actually pay for the car by more than 10 percent of the base MSRP.

2018 Jaguar XF

For buyers interested in a Jaguar XF, which has a starting MSRP of $47,775, Jaguar USA has put together a national combined financing and bonus cash offer. This offer includes 1.9 percent APR financing for 60 months and $1,000 bonus cash for qualified buyers. A combined deal of this type lets you simultaneously decrease the actual amount you will pay for the car and lower your monthly payment with a very reasonable APR. With interest rates rising right now, this deal is one that will keep your new Jaguar XF affordable for up to five years.

2018 Genesis G90

Right now, Genesis is offering a deal similar to Jaguar’s XF offer on its G90 model, which has a fairly high starting MSRP of $68,350. This deal, available nationwide, includes 0.9 percent APR financing and a $1,000 bonus cash offer. This incentive program brings down the initial cost of the vehicle, while at the same time reducing the portion of the monthly payment allocated to interest to a very low level. Although the Genesis G90 is more expensive than most other luxury vehicles, the low APR associated with this offer can make the monthly payments considerably more affordable than they would be otherwise. It’s also worth noting that the same deal can be applied to any Genesis model, not just the G90.


2018 Lexus LC

With a starting MSRP of $92,000, the 2018 Lexus LC is by far the most expensive luxury car on this list of deals. Through April, however, buyers in the Northeastern region of the United States can get $5,000 cash back on the purchase of a new Lexus LC. Though this offer doesn’t make the 2018 LC a cheap buy by any stretch of the imagination, it is a great deal that can make the car quite a bit more affordable. Unfortunately, as of now, buyers outside of the Northeast cannot access this offer.

2018 Cadillac CTS

In addition to the great deal the company is offering on its 2018 CT6, Cadillac has also put together an excellent April offer on its luxury CTS sedan. The CTS normally starts at $46,495, but buyers who purchase one before the end of April can get a $7,000 cash back rebate on the purchase price. Alternatively, buyers can opt for an incentive package that includes $1,000 bonus cash and a 0 percent APR financing rate for 60 months. With either one of these deals, you can get a considerable financial advantage by reducing the purchase price or eliminating interest rates in your monthly car payments. The maximum $7,000 cash back offer makes this Cadillac deal the most generous luxury car incentive available in April of 2018.

Be aware that individual dealerships may have their own additional offers on these or any other models of luxury cars. If you want to purchase a new luxury car at the best possible price, you should be sure to shop around at the dealerships in your area to see which one will give you the most generous combination of pricing and additional incentives.

DigitalPen / Shutterstock
DigitalPen / Shutterstock