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The Best Used Midsize SUVs For 2022

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By Lesley Harrison

Midsize SUVs are becoming increasingly popular across all demographics. They’re affordable enough for young people looking to upgrade from their first cars, spacious enough for growing families, and versatile enough for mature motorists who are looking to enjoy some off-roading during their retirement. However, the global pandemic has caused a lot of challenges in the vehicle marketplace. There are significant delivery delays for most models, not just SUVs.

Read on for a list of excellent used midsize SUVs for you to consider. These used vehicles are known for their reliability and impressive features, making them a cost-effective option for many motorists.

Why Are SUVs So Popular?

SUVs have a near-universal appeal. They’re bigger and more powerful than cars, but still far more comfortable than vans or trucks. Families appreciate the interior space. Even those without children to taxi around can take advantage of the off-road handling. Almost any motorist can appreciate the well-equipped interior of a modern SUV, with large seats, a high ride height, and modern safety and driver convenience features.

The one downside of a full-sized SUVs is its size. Since these vehicles are designed to be able to handle poor driving conditions, they can be difficult to park, especially if you live in crowded city areas. They’re also not particularly fuel-efficient, a growing problem as gas prices continue to rise.


The Benefits of a Midsize SUV

Midsize SUVs offer most of the benefits of a full-sized SUV but in a smaller, and therefore more fuel-economical, package. They’re cheaper to run and easier to drive in cities than a full-sized SUV, but still offer lots of room inside, plenty of cargo space and the ability to tow a small trailer, should you need it.

Midsize SUVs are usually less expensive to buy than their full-sized counterparts, giving drivers the advantages of all-wheel drive, a high ride height and lots of modern safety aids at a more appealing price point. They’re a jack-of-all-trades option that does most things well enough for the average suburban resident.


Why Buy a Used SUV?

Even before the pandemic, buying a relatively recent used vehicle was a sensible choice. Vehicles typically depreciate by 20% to 30% during the first year of ownership. So, buying an approved used vehicle that’s a relatively recent model means you escape that initial depreciation hit in the value of your purchase. The pandemic, chip shortages and other supply chain issues have disrupted the new SUV market, resulting in significant delivery delays. These factors make used midsize SUVs even more appealing for some buyers.


The Best Used Midsize SUVs for 2022

It’s possible to pick up a reliable midsize SUV for under $25,000 in the current market. Manufacturers, such as Toyota, Chevrolet and Kia, offer several models of midsize SUV to choose from with trims to suit most tastes and budgets.

When you’re looking for a used midsize SUV, pay attention to the year, features and service history. A slightly older model that offers all the features you want and has been well maintained could be a better buy than something that’s newer but has been driven hard and neglected in its short lifespan.


1. Kia Sorento

The 2018 Kia Sorento features a power tailgate as standard and offers a reasonably impressive 24 mpg combined fuel economy. It’s a small SUV with a decently powerful engine and a luxurious interior, all for the affordable price of about $23,961.

The Sorento is available in five- and seven-seater configurations. The seven-seater is a little cramped compared to a full-sized SUV, but it’s still workable for families taking shorter trips. Kia offers a seven-year warranty with generous terms standard, making a Sorento a reasonable choice for someone who is looking for an affordable yet reliable used midsize SUV.

Source: Kia

2. Toyota Venza

The Toyota Venza is a versatile midsize SUV that offers more space than a compact, smooth riding and good handling. The 2015 model adds a rearview camera as standard and offers a reasonably competitive 23 mpg combined. Available for just $17,650, the Venza is an affordable option that will last for many years.

The stylish exterior has aged well, and the interior is high-quality and competitive with many modern rivals. There are other Toyotas that are bigger, sportier or more powerful, but the Venza has carved out a spot for itself in the midsize SUV market.

Source: Toyota

3. Subaru Outback

Subaru refreshed the Outback in 2018, with some eye-catching additions, including a nicer interior, new in-car entertainment options and noise-canceling glass that offers a quieter experience on longer drives. The 2018 Outback can be picked up for around $24,491, making it more expensive than some other options on this list. However, the combined fuel economy of 28 mpg means it’s quite economical to run.

The Outback is a popular model that retains its resale value quite well (the 2016 version goes for around $19,500), so drivers who take good care of their SUV can expect to recoup some of their investment when they’re ready to upgrade.

Source: Subaru

4. Buick Enclave

As of 2016, the Buick Enclave includes 4G-LTE and built-in Wi-Fi as a part of its entertainment system. The Enclave classes itself as a crossover, and it cost in excess of $40,000 when it was brand new, but it’s now available for $20,750. The upscale interior and generous carrying capacity make it a popular choice for families that want something reliable and powerful with low maintenance costs.

The Enclave is slightly lacking in the fuel economy department, offering just 18 mpg; however, it does offer a smooth and quiet riding experience. If comfort and capacity are your priorities, the Enclave could be a good choice.

Source: Buick

5. Mazda CX-9

Refreshed in 2016, the Mazda CX-9 is a fun and versatile midsize SUV with a lot to offer. The second generation of the CX-9 features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a revamped interior and a vast array of driver safety aids.

It’s possible to pick one up for just $19,000, and thanks to Mazda’s reputation for reliability, you can expect to get several years of fun driving out of the 2016 model. The four-cylinder engine may be lacking in power compared to some rivals, but it’s ideal for regular school runs and the occasional fun trip out into the countryside.

Source: Mazda

6. Ford Edge

The Ford Edge received a cosmetic upgrade in 2018, making it look far more stylish. If you’re unconcerned about cosmetics, older versions can be acquired for a bargain price. The cloth and suede interior of the 2018 Edge makes it worth the price for some, however.

With an average asking price of $23,000, the Ford Edge is one of the more expensive options on this list. It offers a roomy interior, a combined fuel economy of 24 mpg and lots of driver safety options as standard. Off-road handling isn’t quite as good as the Subaru Outback, but for city driving and the occasional road trip, the Edge is a strong performer.

Source: Ford

7. GMC Acadia

Drivers looking for a luxurious midsize SUV with a high-end interior may appreciate the 2018 GMC Acadia. It offers a new infotainment system, lots of driver safety and assistance features, and an optional heated steering wheel. The 2018 model is available from $24,400, and there are several seating configurations to choose from.

The overall cargo capacity of the Acadia is lacking compared to some other midsize SUVs on this list, but the well-equipped interior and good handling make up for this. If you’re a solo traveler or a small family, the 2018 Acadia is well worth considering.

Source: GMC

Be Prepared to Shop Around to Find a Bargain

Since demand for used midsize SUVs is so high at the moment, vehicles are holding their value better than they did a few years ago. Buyers may need to be patient and shop around to get the make and model they want at a fair price.

Opportunities to drive the asking price down are limited, especially if you’re buying from a dealership. So, before you go for a test drive, search dealers and private sellers in your local area and be open-minded about older or higher-mileage options, especially if they’re in good condition or have the optional extras you want. It’s still possible to get a good deal if you shop around and are flexible about which midsize SUVs you’ll consider.


Lesley Harrison


Lesley Harrison is a technical writer and open source software enthusiast with a passion for all things "data". In her spare time she coaches youth sports and loves exploring the English countryside.



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