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Take A Look at the New 2023 Land Rover Lineup

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By Chris Brown

Key Takeaways

  • Land Rover introduces a new slate of models and large-scale improvements to the 2023 lineup, including a redesigned Range Rover and a sporty HST model of the Range Rover Velar.
  • The lineup features a range of luxury SUVs with impressive power capabilities, head-turning style, and unrivaled infotainment and safety options.
  • Land Rover’s 2023 lineup includes the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Discovery Sport, and Defender, with prices ranging from $48,200 to $106,500.

You can’t have a conversation about luxury SUVs without paying homage to Land Rover. But the iconic British automaker isn’t resting on its legendary laurels. Land Rover’s legacy of luxury and performance continues to add pages with each passing year.

2023 looks to be more of the same for the popular brand. This year’s highlights feature a new slate of models, and a few large-scale improvements to the Land Rover lineup. But enough wasting time, let’s take a look at the new 2023 Land Rover lineup!

Range Rover

MSRP: Starting at $106,500


Land Rover takes last year’s redesign to a new level with the ultra-luxurious 2023 Range Rover. Impressive power capabilities, head-turning style, and unrivaled infotainment and safety options round out a lengthy list of things to love about this year’s model. Its reputation for high-luxury remains, and it’s never been easier to look at.

Range Rover Sport

MSRP: Starting at $83,000


The smaller Range Rover Sport is for those looking for a little less car without sacrificing any of the luxury. Buyers can choose from hybrid powertrain options or opt for the powerful twin-turbo V8. There’s also the option to outfit your Range Rover with massage-enabled seats or add an integrated air purification system.

Range Rover Velar

MSRP: Starting at $61,500


The Velar has always been a stunner, and 2023 is no different. What is different is the addition of the sporty HST model, featuring a 395-hp inline-six engine and 21-inch black wheels. The base model will always be a head-turner, and its minimalist and luxurious interior design and features will never cease to amaze.

Range Rover Evoque

MSRP: Starting at $51,000


Land Rover added a number of new standard features to their popular Evoque model in 2023, rendering one of the most stylish SUVs on the road even more attractive to car buyers. The Evoque can handle all of the off-roading challenges you throw at it, but won’t look out of place parked outside the fanciest restaurant in town either.


MSRP: Starting at $58,400


The 2023 Discovery is available in four different trims, including the all new (and fully loaded) Metropolitan Edition. It’s a true workhorse that boasts a serviceable towing capacity and ample storage for drivers that need their SUV to move more than just passengers.

Discovery Sport

MSRP: Starting at $48,200


It’s a practical SUV wrapped in a luxurious package. What the 2023 Discovery Sport lacks in power, it makes up for in functionality. It can handle hills and off-roading with the best of them, and comes standard with Alex voice assistant, and a long list of standard and available safety and driver-assistance features.


MSRP: Starting at $53,500


Land Rover stuck with Defender’s signature, rugged aesthetic again in 2023, which is what many had hoped for. The Defender pairs excellent off-road handling with a comfortable on-pavement experience to fulfill the most of your daily driver needs and your weekend warrior wants.

Get in the Driver’s Seat Today!

It’s easy to fall in love with a lineup this functional and luxurious. From the rugged and reliable Defender to the picture perfect Range Rover, it’s safe to say that Land Rover is paving the way for an exceptional year. But reading specs and watching videos can only take you so far. Book a test drive at a dealership nearby and experience the Land Rover difference first hand.

Those that aren’t quite there yet can certainly continue their online search. There’s always lots to see and learn online. Having said that, you might have a hard time finding anyone saying anything other than good things about the all new 2023 Land Rover lineup. We suspect you’ll fall in love with their luxurious offerings because we already have.

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Chris Brown




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