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Secure Your 2023 Nissan Rogue with These Attractive Offers

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By Chris Brown

As an emerging favorite among American motorists, the Nissan Rogue stands out with its contemporary aesthetics, advanced safety elements, seamless performance, and roomy interior. This compact crossover is the benchmark in its class, and drivers have responded in kind. There are more Nissan Rogues on the road than ever before, and it doesn’t take a gearhead to understand why. If you’re in the market for an SUV that boasts style, safety, and fuel efficiency, numerous deals await you. Start a search today to find deals on 2023 Nissan Rogue models.

Steer Clear of the Sticker Price

There’s no need to bear the full brunt of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a brand new 2023 Nissan Rogue. Dealerships across the country are presenting compelling incentives to attract potential buyers. Furthermore, Nissan has introduced deals on select 2022 models and cash-back rebates to decrease the overall buying price.

Sales of the Rogue dipped last year with approximately 35 percent fewer crossovers sold compared to 2021. Consequently, purchasers of the Nissan Rogue stand to benefit from competitive financing and leasing options.

2023 Nissan Rogue Overview

MSRP: $27,360

The Rogue distinguishes itself with a unique turbocharged three-cylinder engine and a fuel efficiency superior to its rivals. Additionally, it is endowed with a comprehensive array of standard technology and convenience features, including a touch-screen display.

The 2023 Rogue offers a contemporary two-row cabin with ample passenger space. Notably, it includes advanced driver assistance technologies such as ProPILOT Assist and Nissan Safety Shield 360 across all variants.

The design of the Nissan Rogue caters to everyday errands and comfortable long-distance travel. However, for those seeking an SUV for off-road adventures, the Rogue may not be your top choice.

2022 Nissan Rogue Overview

MSRP: $26,700

Similar to the 2023 model, the 2022 Rogue utilizes a three-cylinder engine delivering 201-horsepower – a departure from the four-cylinder engines of previous years. The transmission of the 2022 model contributes to its enhanced fuel efficiency.

The 2022 Rogue offers a spacious interior, generous cargo room, and a wide selection of standard and optional features. These comprise an array of high-tech infotainment and driver-assistance systems.

Though the 2022 Rogue isn’t fresh from the factory, it remains a leading compact SUV in its class. Furthermore, with many dealerships holding stock of the 2022 Rogue, significant savings could be within reach.

Discover the Best Deals

The top deals on Nissan Rogues will naturally fluctuate between dealerships. However, this doesn’t prevent you from strategizing to locate a competitively priced Nissan Rogue in your vicinity. Keep in mind that the sticker price is merely a suggestion, and dealerships often present incentives, particularly on slower selling models!

Conduct thorough research into the available features, options, and pricing, and put yourself in a stronger negotiating position. Additionally, be mindful of upcoming seasonal or holiday sales when dealerships may offer more incentives. Soon enough, you’ll be demanding attention in your brand new Nissan Rogue.

Shutterstock: Jonathan Weiss

Chris Brown




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