See What’s New in the 2018 F-Series

In an era of high-end competition in the the heavyweight truck space, Ford has continued to rise above the rest in their newest lineup of 2018 truck models. These trucks pack it all in with new, long-awaited features, better MPGs, and modern styling. Each new model was designed with durability, efficiency, and safety top of mind, but don’t fail to bring the innovation and power.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a 2017 or want one of the brand new 2018 models, here are some of the top choices out there. Today’s Ford trucks are more durable, faster, and sleeker than anything that has come before them. You can’t go wrong with any of these outstanding Ford trucks.

The New Lineup

The Ford F-150. The standard Ford F-150 just can’t be forgotten. The 2017 model received high ranking, with US News and World Report placing the truck at the top of its full size truck list. The publication noted the truck’s powerful engine, great handling, and spacious interior as great reasons to purchase this vehicle. It also ranked quite highly in the safety area, pulling in a 9.7 out of 10. Its 3.5L engine and 10 speed automatic transmission stand out in the 2017 model.

The Ford Raptor. The 2018 Ford Raptor is a great truck for those who don’t need a huge bed, but instead would like a little extra seating thanks to its quad cab. The 2017 version received a lot of praise, and Ford took everything people loved and has upgraded it even more. The new 2018 model has a larger engine–a 5.0L V8 EcoBoost that Ford uses in its performance vehicles. That’s an upgrade from the 3.5L, V6 that powered the 2017 Raptor. Expect to see upwards of 600 horsepower from this performance truck.


The Ford F-250 Super Chief. The 2017 Ford F-250 Super Chief is one of the sleekest vehicles out there, thanks to its minimal exterior. The vehicle looks tough, sturdy, and unmovable if it’s parked in front of you. All of these things are true. The 2017 model featured a new redesigned grille and bumper, and it definitely helps make this truck look solid. With its tri-flex fuel system, 6.8L V10, and 550 horsepower, it’s more than just an awesome looking vehicle. It’s got the power you’d expect from a Ford.

These brand-new additions to Ford’s already storied lineup mean there’s even more to get excited about for 2018. You’ll get even more for your money when you purchase one of these standout vehicles, from cool features to excellent engines to powerful performance. Explore the entire Ford lineup for 2018 at your local dealership.