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Take a Look At The 2022 Acura Lineup

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By John Warbuck

Whether you’re looking for a luxury sedan, a sporty crossover vehicle, a family SUV, or a supercar, Acura has something for everyone. With reasonable base prices, it’s easier to gain entry into the luxury space with an Acura. In face, a couple of models compete directly with counterparts in the economy market. However, there’s a lot of confusion regarding Acura’s plans for both 2022 and 2023. There have been numerous conflicting reports and changes in the company direction recently. The resurrection of the beloved Integra model is, of course, at the center of all Acura news.

The Complete Acura Lineup for 2022

We put together this guide to help make sense of the wave of information. We’ll review what’s new for each of Acura’s 2022 models, while also providing a sneak peak at the future. We’ll also dispel some of the more common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Acura rumors.

Here is the complete 2022 Acura lineup. Stick around at the end of this article for some incredible surprises that Acura has announced for 2023, too.

Source: Acura


The 2022 Acura ILX is a luxury sedan that comes at a bargain starting price of $27,300. There are no major changes for this year. However, Acura has announced some significant improvements for 2023. That makes the 2022 model a bargain for some shoppers. The transition from the base trim to the Premium isn’t that steep, either. You’ll get more comfortable seating, more driver assistance tech and a better infotainment system for less than $30,000.

The ILX is both stylish and fuel-efficient, boasting up to 34 mpg on the highway. It’s also noted for offering smooth acceleration and confident handling. It also earned a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS due to safety technologies such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane keep assist.

Source: Acura


The RDX is a crossover SUV with a starting price of $40,100. It received some cosmetic updates to the exterior since last year, along with two new available wheel styles and two additional paint colors. It now comes with optional power-folding mirrors as well. Additional changes make the RDX quieter and more connective than ever.

Improvements to the interior insulation block out road noise. The new infotainment offers Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a USB-C port, and a wireless cellphone charger. Acura has cleared up visibility issues when using the rearview camera by including a new camera washer. You’re also able to get standard traffic sign recognition technology, blind-spot monitoring, and a special braking system that adapts to high and low-speed situations.

Source: Acura


The RDX PMC Edition has sports-tuned upgrades that add thrill to your daily drive. It offers an upgraded 272-horsepower engine with all-wheel drive, black exterior accents, a more aggressive body and improved driver assistance technology for a starting price of $53,300. The new surround-view camera uses cameras located throughout the body to provide a composite image of your vehicle from above so that you can see if someone is behind you or in your blind spot.

The interior is a step up, with handmade materials such as hand-stitched leather seating. The PMC Edition has a limited run of only 200 vehicles, and each one has an indicator on the shifting column to mark which one it is in the series.

Source: Acura


The Acura TLX has no notable changes this year because of last year’s complete redesign. It returns with a base price of $37,700 and offers an optional upgrade to a responsive 355-horsepower engine. The suspension complements the added power by muting all the bumps and dips in the road. The TLX can also deliver up to 31 mpg on the highway.

The TLX offers an impressive infotainment system that includes a touch screen, two USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and access to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, satellite radio and in-car Wi-Fi. You can upgrade to include one of two improved premium stereo systems, navigation and a wireless cellphone charger.

Source: Acura

TLX Type S

The TLX Type S is built for the sports car enthusiast that wants the comfort and functionality of a luxury vehicle. It offers a standard 355-horsepower engine and a few structural improvements that help you handle sharp curves and turns with more control and confidence. The all-wheel drive system is slanted toward the rear wheels to give you quick acceleration while transferring power to the right wheels when you need added traction.

The TLX offers an exclusive interior that’s made from the highest-grade materials. The TLX Type S has a base price of $52,800.

Source: Acura


The 2022 MDX is completely redesigned and offers a roomier interior, added cargo space and a striking stance. It has seating for up to seven people and a lot of standard features to get you started at a price of $48,000. The safety package is expansive and worthy of the IIHS Top Safety Pick. It includes a driver drowsiness monitoring system, traffic congestion assistance, traffic sign recognition, cruise control that paces with the vehicle ahead of you and pedestrian detection. It also features blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist and a rearview camera.

The standard infotainment system keeps you connected with Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and in-vehicle WiFi. You also get a wireless phone charger and multiple USB ports.

Source: Acura

MDX Type S

Acura is debuting the 2022 MDX Type S with a starting price of $66,700, and it’s the most powerful luxury crossover vehicle Acura has ever produced. It offers a turbocharged engine, improved handling and an all-wheel drive system that’s tuned specifically for superior handling and acceleration. You can choose from seven drive modes, such as Comfort Mode, Snow Mode, Sport and Sport+, to change your driving experience to suit your mood or needs.

The MDX Type S comes with an improved braking system to complement the power and handling boost. If you’re looking to head off-road, it has a lift feature to give you another two inches of ground clearance.

Source: Acura

NSX Type S

The 2022 NSX is only available in a limited run of 350 vehicles and only offered in the Type S trim. It features a hybrid powertrain that uses the power from a twin-turbo gasoline engine and electric motor to produce over 600 horsepower. It offers four distinct drive modes, so you can alternate between sport mode and a quieter mode that reduces road noise and provides added comfort as you navigate potholes in the city.

Each NSX Type S is hand-built, and with only 350 available, you need to get on a waiting list to get a chance at buying one. The starting price is $169,500.

Source: Acura

Upcoming Changes

There are a lot of rumors circulating about upcoming changes to the Acura line, but few of them have actually been confirmed. What we do know is that the ILX isn’t returning for 2023. Most people assumed it was going to be replaced with the planned return of the Integra, but this isn’t true. While the Integra is making a comeback, it’s returning alongside the planned replacement for the ILX.

The rumor mill also had some things to say about the NSX.

Source: Acura

Saying Goodbye to the NSX… or Not

Early reports indicated that Acura was discontinuing production of the NSX for 2022. However, it shattered expectations when it announced that it was not only returning but also including the sport-tuned technology in the TLX and MDX’s Type S trims. The RDX PMC Edition also boasts personalized features and performance upgrades that pay homage to the NSX.

If you’ve missed your chance to purchase an NSX this year, the good news is that Acura will be taking advance orders later this year for the 2023 NSX.

Source: Acura

The Return of the Integra

The Integra is an iconic vehicle that’s largely responsible for putting Acura on the map. The automaker announced that it would be returning to the lineup for 2023 after a 22-year hiatus, but pricing information isn’t available yet. Most people expect the new Integra to start around $30,000 and be built on the same platform as the Honda Civic.

The Integra was replaced by the NSX, so its return will feature the NSX’s sport-tuned brakes, more powerful engine options and improved handling. This is all we know for now, but stay tuned for updates closer to the model relaunch.

Source: Acura

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