Here’s How You Can Buy a New Car in Under an Hour

Over the years, one thing hasn’t changed: the process of buying a car. Despite the ease of using technology to compare prices and learn everything you need about a make or model, people still spend an awful lot of time buying a new car. From negotiating to picking the right trim package, it can take hours or even weeks.

But buying a new car doesn’t have to include any of these difficulties. The entire process can be faster, too – you can sign on the dotted line in under an hour. Forget negotiating and don’t plan on visiting multiple dealerships. You can do all of the work necessary online and get the new car you’ve been looking for in one hour.

If you want to take your new car search from months to mere minutes, these are the tips you need to follow:

Do Your Research Before Going to a Dealership

The number one key to minimizing the amount of time you dedicate to choosing a new car is to do your research in advance. Gathering research on pricing, available packages and options, and local dealerships sales or offers can all be done with an online search – and you don’t have to search far to find exactly what you need. All car manufacturers offer extensive information about their vehicles on their websites, and you can call dealerships to get more details. You can also search for and use third-party review websites that publish information about new vehicles to read up on reliability.

The Internet has made the process of finding the information necessary for choosing a new vehicle easier than ever before. The information available online is often better than what a salesperson can tell you in a dealership. Instead of waiting around to see different cars in person, you can spend a few minutes to narrow down your options.


Know the Market Value of the Car You Want

Price is the most critical issue when you visit a dealership to purchase a new car. Dealers sell the same vehicles, but they rarely sell cars at the same price. You need to know the MSRP of the model you want, which you can find online.

The MSRP should be your baseline. From there, you can call or search online for pricing at dealership near you. If they’re charging more than the MSRP, you can eliminate them. Armed with the right specifications and the latest information about deals or incentives, you can pick your dealership in minutes – and then you know where you should head to find the lowest price. Dealers will usually try to invent excuses for high prices unless they know you have an understanding of what vehicles are worth. When you know your prices, dealers have no choice but to quote you the cheapest price possible.

Figure Out Your Financing

New cars are expensive, so you need to determine how you’re going to finance your purchase before buying. According to Experian, 85 percent of car buyers rely on financing to pay for their new vehicle. Many people wait until they’re sitting at the dealership to get approved for a loan – and that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Additionally, when you secure your own financing, you can compare lenders to find the best interest rates. You can also visit your local dealer knowing that you can buy anything you want without having to worry about credit restrictions.

Instead of waiting for the auto company to check your credit, find available options, and get you approved for a loan, do it yourself. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes thanks to new smartphone apps. Just download an app like AutoGravity or Blinker that allows you to get approved for an auto loan with a quick credit check, and you’ll be ready to buy.

Know What’s Available in Your Area

The last tip to cut down the amount of time you need to spend buying a new car is to know all of the options available in your city. Dealers often try to convince buyers that they have to act quickly to get the car of their dreams, but acting fast doesn’t mean you don’t have time to consider other options (and lower prices).

Before visiting a dealer, make sure you know what other dealers in your area are offering on the car you’re looking for. Search online and look at all local incentives, sales, deals, and prices. Just because you’re buying a car in less than an hour doesn’t mean you don’t have time to find the best available deal. Almost every city has multiple dealers that sell the same brand, but they don’t all want to give you a great value. Ultimately, visiting a dealer that you know has the best price will give you the confidence necessary for getting the new you deserve fast.

Interested in making the car buying process easier? Start a search today.

OPOLJA / Shutterstock
OPOLJA / Shutterstock