9 Awesome Car Accessories for Under $100

Even when you have a limited budget, there are many car accessories to choose from that can enhance your driving experience. The choices can become confusing, but some of these accessories can be quite helpful. With less than $100, here are a few amazing car accessories that can provide those needs and make both your car and drive enjoyable.

Blind Spot Mirrors 2 Inch – $5

These are great to help keep you alert in case of amateur drivers who handle their cars poorly and can nudge into your sides. Also, these add-on mirrors allow you to see blind spots in corners and sharp turns, making driving much safer and easier.

Dashboard Video Recorder – $15

This is an innovative and useful accessory. Fixed on or above the dashboard, this records the video of your journey, which can be incredibly useful in case of a collision. With this video footage, you will easily be able to produce evidence of the other driver’s mistake. It can also help you make memories of a road trip around beautiful country lanes.


Fix-a-Flat Can – $8.54

This is a vital time-saver, particularly when rushing to a meeting or other commitments. Though the fill rarely lasts long, you can still reach a safe point if you are on a road trip. Very easy to use, this accessory just needs to be connected to the tire. Next, press the button and the tire is ready to use until you can get it fixed.

Digital Tire Gauge – $10

This is another handy accessory. The digital tire gauge enables you to gauge the air pressure in your tires. This helps to keep track of when you might be low on air or have a slightly flat tire that a little more air for pressure. The fact that it is digital also makes measuring very accurate and precise.

Leak Proof Litter Basket – $15

This accessory is made of dense and cleanable vinyl that prevents spillage of left-over liquids from cans or bottles. It is also useful for keeping any trash that can later be dumped. This accessory can help to prevent any issues people might have with eating in the car, as sometimes it might just be necessary.

Trunk Organizer – $10.88

Keep your trunk organized easily with this foldable vinyl bag. It is a great solution to storing your important stuff in the trunk and the convenient bag helps you move it from car to car or into the house. From cleaning fluids to small tools, you can store anything in it.

Car Air Freshener – $5.65

Ensuring a clean and fresh odor in your car at all times, this accessory is the key to keeping your car environment pleasant. Easily perched on the dashboard, these can also be refilled.

Heated Mug – $17

This is a stainless steel mug with a 12-volt plug to keep your coffee or any beverage warm. It’s a smart way to keep drinks on the go warm during short and long commutes.

Seat Filler – $9.88

This accessory fits in the gaps between or on the sides of your seats where you often drop important envelopes or your cell phone. Smart and tidy, the seat filler fixes the dropping problem and has a cut slot for your seat belt to come through.

Sticking to your budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your car. You can improve its safety, give yourself a little more comfort, and keep it perfectly clean on your drives around town with these affordable accessories designed to make everything easier.